Włocławek (PL)
Winschoten (NL)


5 April 2018

We set sail for Poland for the very first time in February (2018) to play at Shanties in Krakow, it's the m0st important festival in Poland in the shanty and maritime scene, it was an honour to be invited and we had a fantastic time.

What we didn't know was they also hand out awards.
After our show on the Sunday there was a ceremony that I (Gallows) was watching while the crew were busy packing and changing...
All of a sudden I hear "PYRATES!" -  the ceremony was in Polish, a language that none of us speak - the crowd goes mad....I have no idea why!

I'm ushered onto the stage, my crew found in various stages of undress and bar presence have also been rounded up and brought to the stage - To be handed the Grand Prix, the biggest award you can get!
We were also awarded best international band!

All of this occurred in Polish, so here’s a picture of us having accepted the awards, while still having no clue what’s going on!

On the strength of this unexpected victory we're returning to Poland to play 4 more festivals this summer :)