About Pyrates!

Pyrates! are an award-winning band of Musical Marauders, sailing from th’ shores of the Olde Lowlands of Holland to rowdy ports across the world! A notorious band of buccaneers, who’ve imposed their own brand of pirate themed folk music upon fellow pirates an’ unfortunate landlubbers not only in the United Kingdom but across tha’ seas themselves! Able bodied bawdy balladeers armed wi’ Guitar, Bass, Drums an' Fiddle. Dressed in full pirate costume an’ all in tha' quay of ARRRR!

Pyrates! have requisitioned countless well known folk tunes from sailors of ages past including songs of the sea, Bawdy Ballads, Jaunty Jigs, Irish Ditties, Sea Shanties, Drinking Songs and arr’cappella folk tunes that’ll be sure ta have yez tappin’ yer foot and singing along in no time!

Pyrates! have performed to tens of thousands o’ scurvy dogs at numerous festivals over the years, making a name for themselves in the festival scene across the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Germany. They’ve performed over five hundred shows in 11 different countries across the globe!

Pyrates! have set sail for dozens of festivals over the years including:

  • Paaspop (nl)
  • Boomtown Fair (uk)
  • Hanse Sail (de)
  • Elf Fantasy Fair (nl)
  • Festival Mediaval (de)
  • Triskell Celtic Festival (it)
  • Feuertanz (de)
  • Festival Het Lindeboom (fr)
  • Festival Maritim Shanty Festival (de)
  • Shanties (pl) - (Winners Grand Prix 2018)
  • Festival Chants de marins Paimpol (fr)
  • Oostende voor Anker (be)
  • Folk Im Allgäll (de)
  • Sidmouth folk festival (uk)
  • Kendal Calling (uk)
  • Beautiful Days (uk)
  • Bearded Theory (uk)
  • Randrock (nl)
  • Schotsweekend (be)
  • Ster Na Bydgoszcz (pl)
  • Sail Szczecin (pl)
  • Bie Daip International Shanty Festival (nl)
  • Hajkutter Regatta (dk)
  • Fantasiafest de Lindenhorst(nl)
  • Flekkefjord International Maritime Folk Festival (no)
  • Watchet Music Festival (uk)
  • Brixham Pirate Festival (uk)
  • Something Else, Somewhere Else (uk)
  • Hastings Pirate Day (uk)
  • Hafenfest (de)
  • Scotchtoberfest (de)
  • Leipziger Umschlag (de)
  • Mps Buckeburg (de)
  • Parkfest (nl)
  • Siegfriedspektakel (de)
  • Gothic & Fantasy Beurs (nl)
  • FantasyFest (nl)
  • Lömpe Klompe (nl)
  • Lullaby Festival (nl)
  • New Orleans Pyrate Week (usa)
  • Phantasium Fantasy Festival (nl)
  • Teignmouth Folk Festival (uk)
  • Campzone(nl)
  • Scrumpstock (uk)
  • Penzance Pirate Day (uk)
  • Burnham-on-sea Folk Festival (uk)
  • Archeon midwinter fair (nl)
  • Imaginarium Fantasy Festival (nl)
  • Bideford Folk Festival (uk)
  • Brixham Buccaneers Festival (uk)
  • Spirit Of The Sea Festival (uk)
  • Okehampton Battle of The Bands (winners 2007)
  • World Walking The Plank Championships (uk)
  • Bradninch Music Festival (uk)
  • The Sealed Knots 50th Birthday Bash (uk)
  • Lynton and Lynmouth Music Festival (uk)
  • Bimble Bandada (uk)
  • Four Winds Festival (uk)
  • The South West Pirate Festival (uk)
  • Lulworth Castle Pirate Festival (uk)
  • ScurvyScum Pirate Festival (uk)
  • Splinter Festival (nl)
  • RPC Köln (de)

    and many other ports of call!


Pyrates! also perform at: Pubs and Clubs, Open mic sessions, Birthday Parties, Small Scale Battles, Fund Raisers, Dockside Parades, Live role play events, Halloween Parties, Large Scale Battles, Stage Productions, Ship Cruises, Public Disturbances, Re-enactments, LAN parties, Weddings, and much more..