Imaginarium Festival

We be playing at Imaginarium Festival - we'll be setting sail at 16:00, so come join us fer a shipbound set o' pirate jigs :)

Imaginarium Festival is a brand new fantasy festival in the north west of friesland (Netherlands)

Tickets: Adults €8,-/ €6,- in advance
Children €3,- / €2,50,- in advance
Parking FREE!, But taking a bike is better for the environment ;)

Band timetable:

Edis: 10.00-10.30
Abe: 10.30-11.00
Yellowhouse21: 11.00-12.30
Irish dance: 12.30-13.00
Seed: 13.00-14.30
Abe: 14.30-15.00
Edis: 15.00-15.30
Pyrates!: 16.00-17.30
Abe: 17.30-18.00
Irish dance: 18.00-18.30
Flannery with Fireshow: 18.30-20.00

1. Come dressed in costume if you want... please

2. There's folk music of all kinds

3. Entertainment Storytelling from Abe the narrator, archery, felting, etc

4. for kids: learning in the forests,workshops, make up artists, etc.

5. Medieval encampment

6. BBQ, garlicbread, chocolates with insect fillings, coffee & cake

7. Stalls with nice and interesting stuff to buy

8. Greenthingz will be there to entertain us with their characteristic and cleaning behaviour!

Adults €8,-/ €6,- in advance - Children €3,- / €2,50,- in advance
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