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Flekkefjord International Maritime & Folk Festival

Shanty festival in Southern Norway – Flekkefjord

On the 15th of June 2019 there will be a Shanty festival in the pictoresque city of Flekkefjord – The International Maritime Folk Festival.

All events are free of charge.

There will be music for all ages – and tastes. Enjoy music from all over the world, that has followed sailors and seafarers around the seven seas through generations.




The festival will bring you a mix of traditional shanty music and modern sailor’s tunes. You will get to meet singers from Norway, Poland, Germany and Holland. White sails, great music, awesome food and a friendly atmosphere is on the menu.

If you have some time to spare, we recommend a visit to the city museum, a hike on one of our marked hiking trails, some great shopping in Flekkefjord city centre, or refreshing rail biking at Flekkefjordbanen.

Flekkefjord has lots of attractions.

Welcome to the International Maritime Folk Festival!


 13-15:30 song association for kids Treasure hunt in the park
15:30 Flekkefjord Sangforening
16:30 Farsund Shanty Choir 
17:00 North West
17:30 Za Horyzontem
18:30 Cape Horn Bergen
19:30 Patty Gurdy
20:30 Banana Boat
21:30 Pyrates!

Start date
Flekkefjord Shanties
Spiro Elvegaten 14400 FlekkefjordFlekkefjordNorwayW: T: (+47) 38 32 80 00