Shanties Festival

Avast me'earties!
We be setting sail to Poland for the very first time to play at the famous Shanties Festival in Krakow, one of the biggest shanty festivals in Europe!

We're playing on friday 23rd during the Folk Concert that starts at 22:00 :)


For 36 years running, Kraków has hosted this salty sea shanty festival with so much success that it has spawned an astounding twenty other shanty festivals across Poland. In addition, this festival has risen to become not only the most important celebration of maritime music in the country, but the largest in all of Europe—which is quite an accomplishment for a land-locked city in Central Europe. Attracting salt-creased sea dogs, selkies, and sirens from across the continent, the biggest stars of sea songs will be performing four days of concerts, plus a raft of workshops, photo exhibitions, and other accompanying events.

Foreigners need fear not—while many of the performers are Polish, there are plenty of international acts as well; not to mention the strong inherent connection to the oral and musical traditions of Ireland and Scotland that are evident in the nautical scene. Concerts this year will be held at the Main Square, KS Studio, Radio Kraków Studio S5, (Al. J. Słowackiego 22, I-1), and Kijów.Centrum Cinema (Al. Krasińskiego 34, H-3).

Check out this year's programme of bloody pirates and sea wenches:


Thursday, February 22nd

8:00 PM / Radio Kraków Studio S5
Maritime Weather: Ballads Concert
Featuring: Andrzej Korycki and Dominika Żukowska, Krzysztof "Jurkiel" Jurkiewicz, Jerzy Porębski, Marek Szurawski, Marta Śliwa

Friday, February 23rd

11:00 AM / KS Studio
Concert for Kids
Performed by: Klang Group

6:00 PM / KS Studio
Shanties Concert
Featuring: Atlantyda, Formacja, Kaczor & Piraci, Mechanicy Shanty, Samanta Orchestra, Grzegorz Tyszkiewicz Band

8:00 PM / Radio Kraków Studio S5
Maritime Poetry Concert
Featuring: Dominika Żukowska, Wojciech Dudziński, Andrzej Korycki

10:00 PM / KS Studio
Folk Concert
Featuring: Mechanicy Shanty (The Shanty Mechanics), Mietek Folk Olsztyn, The Nierobbers, Zejman & Garkumpel, Pyrates! (Great Britain)

Saturday, February 24th

11:00 AM / Kijów.Centrum Cinema
Concert for Kids
Hosted by Zejman & Garkumpel

2:00 PM / Main Square
Open-Air Shanties

5:00 PM / Kijów.Centrum Cinema
Concert of Maritime Songs
Featuring: Atlantyda, Banana Boat, Mietek Folk Olsztyn, Perły i Łotry, Własny Port, "Zawisza Czarny" Male Shanty Choir

9:00 PM / Kijów.Centrum Cinema
Concert of Drinking Stories
Featuring Cztery Refy, Klang, Andrzej Korycki & Dominika Żukowska, Waldemar Mieczkowski Band, Jerzy Porębski, Ryczące Dwudziestki, Marek Szurawski, Arek Wlizło, Groms Plass (Norway)

Sunday, February 25th

12:00 PM / Kijów.Centrum Cinema
Concert of Classic Shanty Songs
Featuring: Brasy, Cztery Refy, Happy Crew, Ryczące Dzwudziestki, Stare Dzwony, Male Shanty Choir "Zawisza Czarny"

4:00 PM / Kijów.Centrum Cinema
Finale Concert
Featuring: Banana Boat, Flash Creep, Formacja, Perły & Łotry, Ryczące Dwydziestki, Stare Dzwony, Trzecia Miłość, Groms Plass (Norway), Pyrates (Great Britain)




Feb 22 2018 - Feb 25 2018

Tickets 18-80zł
Start date
Klub STUDIOWitolda Budryka 4,30-072KrakówPolandW: