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Archeon Midwinter Fair

Pyrates! be setting sail for our return to Archeon Midwinter Fair, this year it be a Discworld theme in honour of Sir Pterry Pratchett!

We'll be taking to the stage at around 19:30.

There's a fantastic program of music on over the weekend with performances from:
Fiddle 'n Drum, Four of a Kind, Harmony Glen, Helisir, Pyrolysis, Dolmen, Minstrel Season Itchy fingers, Sowulo, Twibv, Sheep on the Boat, and The Royal Spuds.

There's so much going including story telling sessions, workshops, demonstraitions, lectures and a fantastic winter market to explore!

Tickets on the door:

Saturday  € 23,50 p.p.
Sunday € 21,50 p.p.

Weeekend tickets - online purchase only: € 32,50 p.p.

Children between 4 & 10 years: € 11,50 p.p.

Early bird tickets from 22 euro
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Archeon Midwinter Fair
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