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Penzance Pirate Day

Pyrates! be performing at Penzance Pirate Day!
Times of our performances to follow!

We're on at the Blue Sky Marquee in the evening with 4 bands to close the amazing pirate day we're going to have!

Pirate Copy, Black Friday, Pyrates! and 3 Daft Monkeys.

Entry is 10 Pounds.

For the World record attempt there is a 1 pound charge which is to be donated to the RNLI :)


Come and join the fun

All monies raised are going to the RNLI

A very worthy cause I'm sure you agree whether you are at sea or on land these are the guys that keep you safe. They enable us to use the beautiful beaches and the coastal footpaths of Cornwall as well as keeping us safe when sailing whether it is close in shore or far off the coast.

There will be lots of small shows taking place along the seafont. In St Anthony's Gardens -in front of the Yacht Inn- there will be the Kid's 'Port O' Call' Here you will find face painters, make up artists, for all your scars and gory wounds! There will also be entertainment through out the day put on by various pirate groups, including the Star Gun Co. and Sparrows UK, with all sorts of games and activities. As well as story telling and puppet shows along with a couple of childrens' fairground rides put on by one of our very generous Event sponsors, Raymond Amusements many thanks to Phil and Anne.

On the 'Triangle' next to the war memorial we will have the Isle of Wight Pirates who will entertain you with displays of swordfighting, pistol shooting and of course their cannon. The Star Gun co. will have their cannons on the Promenade at the Newlyn end. The start and finish of the pirate count will be marked by the Star Gun Co firing one of their cannons.

At 3pm there will be a parade of pirates from the Wharfside shopping centre to the Prom collecting all the 'stragglers', the pirates who want to be counted in as part of the World record attempt but haven't quite made it to the Prom yet. You'll be led by the Falmouth Marine band and the Golowan band will be bringing up the rear! This will march you straight into the collection area so have your 'event information cutlass' held high or if you prefer have your £1's ready...please have correct money as it helps us to move the line along quicker, less waiting around for all of us. Children under 5 will go in for free, but make sure they are dressed as a pirate and counted!

At 6pm, after all the pirates have made their way off the Prom and are heading off to one of the many attractions laid on for them around the sea front, in the harbour area and in the local pubs and clubs. Penzance Town Council has arranged a live production of Gilbert & Sullivans' 'Pirates of Penzance' performed by Illyria Open-Air theatre on the 'triangle' near the war memorial, next to the Jubillee Pool, for all those that don't fancy the pirate party at the CPRFC .

There will be a seated area -approx 300 seats so you can enjoy the show with the beautiful Bay as a backdrop.

Wherever you are at 11pm keep a weather eye on the horizon and you'll enjoy our beautiful firework display to mark the end of a successful event


£10 for the evening show -
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Penzance Promenade1 battery roadTR18 4AB ‎ PenzanceUnited Kingdom