Lüdinghausen (DE)
Lüdinghausen (DE)


Captain Gallows recruited his crew o’ pillaging pirates in 1705 formed from the dregs o’ tha’ docks, unsure what the seas ahead would bring the crew began performing traditional sea shanties and old sailors songs which were well received by many a fellow buccaneer, but not totally suited to tha’ landlubbers ye'd find in local taverns.

After slaughtering every last one o’ tha’ unworthy dogs at an unfortunate incident involving several o’ tha’ kings men, Pyrates! press ganged some additional crew an’ spent some time careening tha’ vessel. After a quick change o’ tempo an’ a overhaul o’ tha’ set, Captain Gallows an’ his most trusted crew members, Master Gunner Samwise and Bos’n Roberts, set course fer many festivals where they went down a storm!

As the years passed the Pyrates! rise to fame and notoriety did not go un-noticed and the king’s navy set a bounty upon the heads of the Pyrates! And their noble crew, 100 shiny gold sovereigns, dead or alive, the former condition preferred by the kings men!

4 years afore tha' mast in this semi-acoustic lineup Pyrates! went on ta' play a great number of shows - over 130 all told with a roving number of crew mates from 1706-1710.

In 1711, Pyrates! recruited new crew an' changed sound for a more folk-rock edge in the lowlands 'o Holland. An' recorded their first album, Buried Treasure....Followed by Uncharted lands was recorded in 1714 and the band embarked on an epic one month voyage to promote the record and have been sailing the seas far and wide ever since.

Known for their energetic performances, light hearted clean stage banter and strong harmonies, Captain Gallows and his crew sail far and wide across the sea, bringing their very own self branded ‘pirate folk-rock music’ to appreciative audiences young and old across the globe!