Annotopia - Lüdinghausen

Although there were no case of Corona throughout ANNOTOPIA, the festival in beautiful Lüdinghausen had to be cancelled in its third year. After two fantastic events at the castle of Vischering and a doubling of visitors in 2019, we are happy to expand the ANNOTOPIA area next year. On May 8th and 9th in 2021 the third party will take place, for the first time with two castles. Again with many guests from different eras and the host Professor Abraxo.

Burg Vischering: Berenbrock 1, 59348 Lüdinghausen

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Campsite: An ANNOTOPIA campsite will be set up not far from the festival grounds; tickets are available in the shop.


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Burg VischeringBerenbrock 159348 LüdinghausenGermany