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Leipziger Umschlag Day #2

Us Pyrates! be performing both days at Leipziger Umschlag

For nine years, Sündenfrei hosted in Leipzig a wintry Medieval Fair. This takes place in the listed domed hall of Kohlrabizirkus and attracts over 10,000 visitors from near and far.

Fans from all over Germany travel with their families to enjoy the Medieval Age.

Over 120 stalls present themselves in front of the hall. They come from Germany, France, England, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Holland and Hungary. The demand for stand space already exceeds supply, at least 5,000 square feet in the hall and again in 2000 before it.

The program for the two days the artists Walter standing von der Heide (high wire, rod acrobatics, house of cards), Iron John (power artistry), Veronella (Fire & acrobatics), Luscinia obscura (music, Jonlagen, children's program, aerial acrobatics) and as a band Pyrates! - The fun pirate music Brigade from Holland. In addition, knightly battles in different places.
An additional program details are still under development.

Opening times:
Saturday 11- 24:00 clock,
Sunday 11- 19:00 clock

Admission: (subject to change)

Adults € 9.00,
costumed € 7.00,
children 5,00 €

Adults € 7.00,
costumed € 5.00,
children 4,00 €

Families and single parents need only pay entry for the first child, all other children are free.

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Start date
Kohlrabizirkus LeipzigAn den Tierkliniken 42 04103 Leipzig GermanyW: